Saturday, October 13, 2012

Emotional Intelligence and Sales

Salespeople know what to do; however, in tough selling situations, they let non-productive emotions take over. They discount too soon, write practice proposals for non-qualified prospects and continue to meet with people that can say no but can’t say yes. Their inability to execute the right selling behaviors, under high stakes selling situations, leads to missed sales revenues and cyclical sales results.

► The art and neuroscience of selling is the need.
► Selling to the “old brain” is selling to the real decision maker.
► Improve ability to manage emotions and avoid going into “fight or flight mode” during a sales meeting.  
► The real reason for discounting too soon and too often — even after learning negotiation skills and tactics.
► Emotional Intelligence skills improve prospecting results. Eliminate empty sales pipelines and meetings with non-qualified prospects.
► Incorporate EI skills into every step of the sales process & close bigger deals, in less time at full margin. 
► Soft skills do produce hard sales results.

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