Sunday, February 26, 2012

Move Files to SharePoint 2010

Need to move file shares to SharePoint 2010?
Comment on this post for a need based special information bulletin of Powerful Tool(s) that can help move file shares quickly and easily, to Consolidate / Migrate / Transform old IT Infrastructure.

Key Benefit Highlights:
» Faster, less error-prone file share migrations to SharePoint 2010.
» Maintain custom content types.
» Make your content more “findable” by maintaining or adding metadata “tags” during migration
» Quickly update after migration.
» Maintain historic and source information, and folder structures.
» Completely transform data during migration.
» Put content migration decisions into the hands of data owners, online or offline, using MS Excel.
» Discover content to be migrated based on date ranges, file size, or file extension.
» Integrates with SharePoint 2010 Managed Metadata Service.

This could be a chance to look at this Flexible, Easy to Use and Exciting Technology.

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