Friday, March 4, 2011

Deployment Models - Cloud Computing

Cloud computing supports many deployment models and they are as follows:

• Private Cloud
Organizations choose to build there private cloud as to keep the Strategic, Operation and Other Reasons to themselves and they feel more secure to do it. It is a complete platform which is fully functional and can be owned, operated and restricted to only an organization or an industry. More organizations have moved to private clouds due to security concerns. Virtual private cloud is being used that operate by a hosting company.

• Public Cloud
These are the platforms which are public means open to the people for use and deployment. For example, google, amazon etc. They focus on a few layers like Cloud Application, Infrastructure providing and providing Platform Markets.

• Hybrid Clouds
It is the combination of public and private cloud. It is the most robust approach to Implement Cloud Architecture as it includes the functionalities and features of both the worlds. It allows organizations to create their own cloud and allow them to give the control over to someone else as well.

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