Sunday, April 19, 2009

Contract Management - Submittals

Any document that needs to be submitted for review and approval can be tracked in the Submittals module.

Contract Management tracks Submittals, Submittal review and approval and Submittal Packages. This can be achieved through two modules in Contract Management. Submittals and approvals are recorded in the Submittals module. Each Submittal can be included in a Submittal Package.


  • Ability to create contractor submittal packages

  • Assign customizable document workflow

  • Generate assigned due dates with ball in courts

  • Create submittals and attach to packages

  • Update flow through review cycle

  • Add in revisions as required


  • Proactively track package due dates from the beginning to the end

  • One place for all submittal records

  • Transmittals are automatically prepared by company

  • Centralized reports

  • Turnaround times, held, overdue

  • Ball-in-court tracking

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